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magical faust

22nd Checkup

Posted on 2007.12.13 at 13:55
Current Mood: chipperchipper
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Because it keeps my head warm~!


21st Checkup

Posted on 2007.12.03 at 01:55
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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I actually look pretty good in a thong~!

Baldhead upset

20th Checkup

Posted on 2007.11.15 at 00:11
Current Mood: draineddrained
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Private to Ky KiskeCollapse )

I'm sorry. I will try to return to my station tomorrow, but... Unfortunately I don't believe I'm mentally up to treating my patients today.

[Voice post]
Oh, my~... This city is certainly filled with all kinds of sick people~..... Yeaaaahahahaha, don't worry, I'll cure all your ailments~!

The doooctor is iiiiiiin~! HYEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA~!



18th Surgery

Posted on 2007.11.14 at 01:03
Current Mood: crazycrazy
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[Voice post]
[A maniacal laughter can be heard]

disco duck

17th Checkup

Posted on 2007.10.30 at 10:35
Current Mood: excitedexcited
What an absolutely wonderful holiday~! Giving out candy, dressing up in colorful costumes; barring any danger of a curse, this should prove to be a most enjoyable time indeed~! I'll be passing out candy to whoever wants it tomorrow night! Feel free to visit any time, though. I'm always available for an appointment if needed.

Ah, while I'm thinking of it, does this pumpkin make my head look fat?

[OOC: Faust has replaced his paper bag with a fake jack-o-lantern from now until after Halloween tomorrow. He'll also be handing out candy to children regardless of whether or not they're wearing costumes, just because the coming holiday has improved his mood so much. And for the record, don't expect to be able to see anything except a singular glow coming out through the one jack-o-lantern eye hole; other than that, there's nothing visible. ALSO I WISH I HAD A PIC OF IT BECAUSE IT'S AN EPIC IDEA.]

That was certainly trying. Best to get back to the usual schedule as soon as possible, right?

I hope everyone's returned to their right senses. Miss Megumi, Bridget, Mr. Kiske. I hope you're all recuperating well.

To the gentleman I fought in the alleyway the other day, I apologize for leaving so soon, but somehow I don't believe you truly were under the influence of any curse, were you? No, but perhaps something else..... I'll be sure to reschedule our appointment at a later date.

Ah, and to any of the people I had to subdue the other day, I apologize, but the tranquilizer serum should have worn off by now with little to no side effects. I hope noone was left out in the streets for too long. I tried to make sure to avoid that. Mr. Greed, thank you for the idea. I suppose I was mistaken in discounting it so quickly. I wasn't thinking quite clearly at the time. As I suppose few of us were.

In any event, it's nice to see peace returned to us in the city..... I believe I may take a short break to meditate on what I've learned.... I trust you'll all stay out of trouble in the meantime.


Pic cutCollapse )


I know my sins all too well, but there are things that require my attention before I go to my final judgment. Perhaps you surpass me in physical strength, but you can never match my desire for justice! My crimes would only be amplified if I were to simply stand aside and watch this massacre take place.

Ky Kiske, hear me now and know this, and take it with you in the event you should remember my words upon this ordeal's end: war is a terrible, bloody thing. Many men have gone with the sole intention of spilling innocent blood, but men like you went into battle to protect these innocents. If you believe that this doesn't matter in light of the blood you were forced to spill, you are gravely mistaken. You are a good man, Ky Kiske. I have not forgotten this. Don't let yourself forget it.


It would seem that there's quite a few of you suffering from a strange disorder inhibiting your ability to think rationally. I'd be more than happy to help cure you of this most inconvenient disease. I believe that at this stage of the disease however, it seems that blunt-force therapy is my only remaining option.

Who wants to schedule an appointment~~~?!
The first patient to volunteer get a lollipop~!

OOCut cut cutCollapse )

Ky Kiske! I wish to speak to you directly! As a respectable man of God I trust you will allow me the courtesy?

[OOC: Faust found Ky's whereabouts through Bridget and has arrived at the church under the pretense of a repentant soul. He has no intention of staying long, however. EDIT: oh yeah, also, commentspam/commentlog for churchgoers if desired. :D]

Summer carnival

13th Checkup

Posted on 2007.10.16 at 12:36
Current Location: Around town
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Current Music: Yatta, Green Leaves
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You know, when you're faced with great adversity, it's important not to lose sight of one's self. So far this month has proven very stressful for everyone, but it seems you're all still in one pie.... Ah, well, you are NOW, anyway. Well, except for.... Ah, so.... WELL! The important thing is that we keep moving on. I have a wonderful idea to help with the process, too.


Doctor's orders! Go watch a movie with some friends, go swimming, take a stroll, have a party! The best way to work off negative energy is with positive energy! Go enjoy yourselves! Kick back and relax, take a day off from work to catch your breath, just get out there and HAVE FUN! It's the best medicine you can get for free, after all!

[Ooc: So yeah, after an icon-salvaging run, I realized I'd been playing Faust far too emo. In an effort to cheer him up and get him back to his usual oddball self, he'll be out and about having fun, swimming in the fountain, throwing out candy to children, and playing with those weird-looking flowers of his. LONG LIVE KING OF THE TONBERRIES!]

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