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Nani ga Deru Ka Na~?

Memos of the Great Doctor, Faust

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*Disclaimer: This guy ain't real. Just using this dude for RP purposes.

Dr. Baldhead

Height: 282 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: IV
Eye color: black
Birthday: 21 August
Birthplace: China
Hobbies: undertaking complex operations
Likes: his 2-meters long scalpel
Dislikes: cancer
Theme: Suspicious Cook


Height: 282 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: unknown
Eye color: white, fluorescent
Birthday: unknown
Birthplace: unknown
Hobbies: unknown
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Theme: The Original


There was once a doctor called Doctor Baldhead, who was recognized as a
very respectful doctor who was exceptional at healing people, even when they
found themselves in life and death situations. His healing skills were
second to no one, and he saved many lives on the operating table. One day, a
young girl came to him in an apparently critical condition. It didn't seem
to be anything that Doctor Baldhead couldn't handle, but soon enough, the
situation grew out of control, and the girl died on the operation table due
to severe blood loss. Baldhead could not come to terms with the loss, and
soon began to lose his sanity. He went out on a killing rampage, using a
huge scalpel, decimating opponents as he went, always knowing the critical
points and weak spots of every body he found. Baldhead finally found out, at
the end of the first Sacred Knights tournament, that all the bloodshed was
not going to bring the little girl back to life. Baldhead retreated into
seclusion, and hid his own identity underneath a paper bag he used as a
mask, and changed his name to 'Faust'. Faust goes back to healing people as
usual, trying somehow to undo the damage he had done to so many people
during his psychotic streak. That is, until one day, when he finds out that the
death of the little girl under his supervision was a planned death, and not
accidental. Faust departs once more to find the answers to his disturbing

Personal Info

No info

Postwar Agency Bureay

Report #0409
Name: Faust
This subject known as a "dark doctor" was not observed closely until recently. However, several reports have been coming in about the rogue physician. Using medical techniques, and even the ability to change his own body as his battle style, he has also been able to distort space and teleport; these high-level techniques recall our own failed project to use such techniques.
If these reports are true, then acquiring the subject should be a priority. We assign the subject a Risk Rating of B.

Voice Actor

Kondou Takashi
Birhtday: 12.05.????
Birthplace: ???
Blood Type: IV
Gender: male
Height: ?? cm
Weight: ?? kg
Major roles:
Scrapped Princess (TV) - Leopord Scorps
LOVE MODE 3 (sound story) - Jouma Hisashi